My Spiritual Homeland
For a long time, I keep on searching the poetic language of photography in daily life, looking for the image that represents myself in the depth of my heart. Through this project, I will look for the poetic life and cultural landscape underneath the ordinary surface, probe into the relationship between the objects and events in the surrounding environment, and connect the fragments of my broken memories in a series through a set of visual images, so as to trace back and reconstruct my own spiritual homeland and complete the search for my personal memory.
As far as I’m concerned, photography should be considered as a very personal activity. Our cameras are not merely tools for capturing images; what we carry along in our photography are the books that we have read, the paths that we have stepped on, the person on whom we have poured all our love, and all the journeys we have been through to get here. These mind images will now be incorporated into your photography, picture by picture.
Photography is a journey, but also a way home. I see myself as a passerby, the same way I do a homecomer. I hope I can express and disseminate all my vision, hearing, and thoughts through pictures, and in the process, allow my body to roam with the calling of my soul the entire day and night, and use the beats of my heart to seek every moment of the rendezvous with myself.
The same flower will never bloom twice, and people can never revisit their youths. We are sometimes aspired to a goal, simply because we find it precious — the charm of not fading away with the flow time, just like photography. It teaches me to be sincere and dedicated. Every moment of me hitting the shutter, is yet another session of talk with my inner world, pushing me to tirelessly step forward…